How can I verify that the medication is authentic/brand-name?

You will find a lot number on the pill bottle or pill card (packaging). You may contact the manufacturer with it and to verify the product, and also to verify the expiration date, which is listed on all of our dispensed medication.

Be wary of companies not based in the U.S., as you may receive “non-genuine” pills that foreign companies say are the “generic” version of FDA-approved, brand-name drugs. These foreign, “generic” versions of brand-name, FDA-approved drugs (such as Levitra) are actually illegal in the U.S. and contain unknown ingredients that may not only be ineffective but also hazardous to your health.

Does the physician or pharmacy charge a processing fee?

No, our contracted physicians and pharmacies do not charge any additional fees, period. There is no consultation fee, or processing fee, or any other type of fee. You will be billed only for the cost of medication(s) and shipping. You can be certain – there will never be any hidden charges on our website.

Is there a membership fee?

As mentioned above, there are no fees for anything other than the cost of medication(s) and shipping. All customers are considered to be members of our website and customers can take advantage of periodic specials, as well as quick and easy reordering. You will never have to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we are based in Arizona, and we do ship internationally. Shipments for orders to Canada are shipped from licensed facilities located in Canada. Orders placed in all European countries will be shipped from a licensed pharmacy located within the EU.

Is a signature required for delivery of my package?

Yes. All packaged medication requires an adult signature. Alternatively, you may pick up your shipment at a FedEx location or Post Office.

Is the packaging for my shipment discreet?

Yes, your privacy is important to us. Our packaging does not refer to the contents of the shipment, and you will not find an invoice or packing slip on the outside of the package.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards, as well as money orders. Ordering is completely secure.

How can I retrieve my password?

Your username is the email address that you provided when you opened your account with us. If you know your username/email address, then follow these simple steps: Locate the account log-in box that appears on every page of this website. Near that box, you will see the words “Forgot Password.” Click on that link. When you get to the next page, enter your username/email address. If you enter the correct email address, we will promptly send your password to that email address.

If you are unsure which email address you provided when you opened your account, please call our customer service department during business hours to receive a temporary/new password.

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